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Stay up-to-date on all of your vaccinations, immunizations, and other preventative measures.


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City Drugs offers all immunizations and regular shots to keep you and your loved ones feeling happy and well. And if you and your loved ones are immunized, you’ll help stop the spread of dangerous illnesses.

All Immunizations

We’ll help you keep you and your family up-t0-date on critical immunizations to give you peace-of-mind. Immunizations have never been as effective as they are today.

Seasonal Shots

Each season presents a slew of unique allergies, illnesses and other nasty things. Stop the spread by getting your annual shots to mitigate preventable sicknesses like the flu.

What's a little shot compared to a healthy life?

Talk to one of our pharmacists to learn more about immunizations and other preventative measures available at City Drug.

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